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Talent Hub was founded by ​Jebanezer Rajeev

& his wife Sindhana Roy,

in the year 2022, who are ​Engineers by profession

and musicians by passion.

As a couple, they have been instrumental in establishing

the organization with highest quality standards that are ​benchmarked with International Institutions.

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Our Motto

Our Motto

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Talent Hub shall serve as the best platform for

students & trainers of various skillsets to come together

to discover the true potential of the student, and work on ​their development diligently, so that they become their

best version in their God-given giftings and abilities,

and fulfill their life’s purposes!

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Our Team

Our Team

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Our Team consists of people from diverse backgrounds

who support & compliment each other towards success.

The core value of respecting each other and treating them ​with dignity, irrespective of the position held

(be it Trainers, Office help or Admin Staff),

is a must for any one from top to bottom in hierarchy.

We are actively recruiting people who are interested

in joining hands with us in this endeavor.

If you are someone looking for an opportunity,

please feel free to get in touch with us!

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